Railtown Law is located in one of Vancouver’s oldest heritage buildings (the Commercial Block (1893)) in Gastown, one of Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhoods, and just on the edge of Railtown. Our neighbourhood began with the promise of progress and a new outlook when, in 1886, the Canadian National Railway came to what was then Hastings Mill. The railway was the key in building the new city of Vancouver, the logging economy, and the industry around the port.

Today Gastown and neighbouring Railtown are re-emerging as vibrant and diverse communities with a rich heritage of progress and industry. We honour that heritage by bringing fresh ideas, hard work and leading-edge skills to serve our clients. Railtown Law is part of a community built on innovation, and we take special pride in sharing our skills to contribute to our community’s sustained growth.

vivienne stewart railtown law
Vivienne Stewart

Vivienne is the founder of Railtown Law and a senior Vancouver lawyer with broad experience in a number of legal areas.

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stephanie hu railtown law vancouver
Stephanie Hu

Stephanie is Railtown Law's 2014-2015 articled student and has already gained experience in a variety of matters with our firm.

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tracey fallis railtown law vancouver
Tracey Fallis

Tracey is our office administrator and all around super legal assistant. She is usually the first person you will speak to when you call us. Tracey brings to Railtown Law many years of experience in her field and our clients come to rely on her as much as we do.

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We can help you with your legal matters in a variety of areas including divorce, division of family assets and support, wills, disputes over inheritances, elder law, wrongful dismissal, strata issues for both strata councils and owners, commercial and business disputes, and intellectual property.

We can also help you to take a pro-active approach to prevent future disputes by creating different types of agreements, including co-habitation agreements, pre-nuptial agreements, and separation agreements, all tailored to your specific situation.


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At Railtown Law we take pride in providing legal services that are true solutions.

Our mission is to provide our clients with versatile, cost-effective legal services.

Our personal service and wide-ranging experience make us the right choice for people who need legal help, whether or not it is for the first time.

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